Our referencing offers:

Standard referencing options

Presence option

Offers of referencing for small and medium sites.


Evolution and Strategy option

Evolution: a solution "all included" very professional with very high levels of guarantees in extremely competitive price lists and all the tools of control and measure of the generated traffic … Ideal for SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED FIRMS which want to make strongly grow their visibility on Internet, in a total transparency and with very mastered budgets.
Strategy : the up-market of our services packaged with many more reagent keywords and exceptional levels of guarantees for this range of price. Ideal for the innovative companies that have understood the importance of the referencing, wishing high guarantees of results within the framework of a competitive packaged solution. 

To notice : the quality of the location of your site on search engines is altogether protected only at the end from the performance. Every search engine has its own periods of consideration, so the first results of the improvement of the location can be obtained only after some weeks from the beginning of the performanc). The service includes the modification of your site to optimize the results. The title and a few elements of your site must be modified.
Sites designed in Flash or technologies except HTML: consult us.



Additional options :


Pack Expert Fame (1 year)
Publication on the www.navi-mag.com portal of an article in the editorial contents in touch with the theme of your site and making several links towards the site. Registration of your site for 12 months on geographical portals such as communes.com, cities-france.com and companies portals such as www.indexa.fr or annuaire-des-entreprises.fr.
Price list: € 780 exclusive of charges.

Submission on 100 research tools and phone books
This option, as a supplement to the offers of standard referencing, permits to increase the number of visitors from these 100 research tools, but also and especially to improve your location on research tools such as google.
Price list: € 280 exclusive of charges.

Optimization of your existing site
This stage is indispensable to improve, as a supplement to the offers of standard referencing, your location on research tools for optimal visibility.
Price list: € 240 exclusive of charges by optimized page.

Optimization of your site by the creation of additional pages
This stage enables to improve your location on research tools, as a supplement to the offers of standard referencing. You have to supply us with the editorial contents that we attach to these pages. This offer includes service "optimization of your existing site ", for the selected page.
Price list: € 390 exclusive of tax by created and optimized page.


Addition of editorial contents (complement to the 2 offers above)
This performance comes as a supplement to the optimization of your existing site or the optimization of your existing site by the creation of additional pages and allows, by a preliminary work on the selected keywords, to supply you and to add some editorial contents elaborated by a professional on a page. This work enables you to improve the referencing of a page while having a pleasant editorial contents to read for your visitors

Editorial optimization of the editorial contents :
Price list: € 200 exclusive of tax by page.
Editorial page completes :
Price list: € 300 exclusive of tax by page


Some reference :

 Name of the site Theme Address - URL :
Camping marina Plage Camping - Holidays - Mobil-Homes Leasing www.marina-plage.com
Go-Up Airbag Design www.go-up.fr
Magic Days Happening et mariage http://www.magicdays-evenements.com
Jm2 lighting Balloons and inflatable objects www.jm2.com